What is reactant?

Reactant is a spigot plugin framework for developer to build their plugin faster and correctly. Reactant core provided a better way for interaction between "services" and plugins by using dependency injection. In addition, Reactant will provide tools that useful for developer to develop the spigot plugins in a elegant way.

How should I start?

In this document, we will use Kotlin as the code example language. If you come from Java, ensure you have the basic knowledge of Kotlin, although they are similar.

In addition, reactant use ReactiveX in most of the features, please make sure you have the basic knowledge on it.

Can I use Java?

It is not suggested that you use Reactant with Java, you may get stuck on some problem such as inline functions and extension functions. In addition, you won't be available to enjoy Kotlin's elegant DSL.

You are not required to be a Bukkit API master to use Reactant, let's start our adventure when you are ready.


If you are interest on reactant, please help us improve.